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Holistic Therapy Solutions is home-based at our New Ranch located in Plantation in Broward County Florida.  The agricultural and equestrian locale provides clients with a dynamic environment in a natural setting. 

Our Mission

To help children and adults with special needs find their dreams and reach their highest potential. We channel energy from nature and animals to foster communication while improving motor skills and diminishing sensory issues. We use state of the art techniques to balance nature and technology, bringing out the best in our clients.

What kind of services are available?

We start with comprehensive assessments using criterion-referenced, and norm-referenced testing, language samples and home visits (if applicable).  

Speech-language Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Physical Therapy

We use various natural modalities to achieve goals including:



Play Therapy 

Pragmatics (social skills)

Barn therapy

Garden therapy 

Music therapy

Home Visits

Computer Software

Group Therapy

Riding Assistance Program

Summer Camps and Academic Enhancement Programs

Integrating Therapy in a Natural Environment

We believe that using a natural environment as a therapeutic medium for speech-language pathology , occupational therapy, or physical therapy is more effective in achieving treatment goals.  Natural resources (i.e., agricultural, equestrian and aquatic) at Holistic Therapy Ranch provide an abundance of opportunities to build communicative intent.  Environmental resources are also intrinsically beneficial for occupational therapists and physical therapists.

What is Hippotherapy?

Hippotherapy is speech-language therapy, occupational therapy or physical therapy occurring while the client sits passively on the horse.  In hippotherapy, riding skills are not taught, but rather, the rhythm, movement and natural bond with the horse is used as a treatment tool to elicit communication while improving balance, strengthening, postural control and coordination.

With Holistic therapy solutions, your child will benefit from a natural approach to therapy.  All facets of the ranch are used to control the environment at Holistic Therapy Ranch to achieve treatment outcomes (i.e., farm animals, horses, aqua therapy, barn, stable, etc.)

Why is our therapy program more effective?

Our program quickly transforms therapy goals into proven progress.  The most important part of any therapy program is generalization.  Generalization occurs when the client has taken a skill that he or she has learned from the therapy room out into everyday life.  The therapy goal is said to be "mastered".  Many therapists have found achieving generalization for their clients a challenge (i.e., the child is charted with 90% accuracy on goal in therapy room, but then returns to waiting room and exhibits old patterns).  Our program begins in a natural environment, thus skills are generalized and goals mastered faster!

Who Can Benefit From Hippotherapy?

Children who are or have been diagnosed with:

developmental delay


cerebral palsy

other neurogenic disorders

For more information you may call (954) 954-370-8916 or email us at Holistic Therapy Solutions.  

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