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Hippotherapy is a treatment approach that uses the movement of the horse based on the methodology of Classic Hippotherapy.  In addition, the professional services of a certified therapist is applied (Board Certified & State Certified).   The two treatment methodologies combine to suit each individual's needs for Physical Therapy (PT), Occupational Therapy (OT), Speech-Language Therapy (ST)).   

During a hippotherapy session, the client is receiving ST. PT, OT, treatment, or a combination of each under a doctor's prescription. The client is NOT taught specific riding skills.

Therapeutic  Recreational Riding (TR) is NOT a treatment.  However,   During a TR session, a riding instructor is teaching riding skills.  

HOLISTIC THERAPY SOLUTIONS provides group and individual hippotherapy for speech-language therapy, occupational therapy, or physical therapy at our ranch

First, we conduct a complete diagnostic evaluation in speech-language, physical, or occupational therapy.    Therapies may be combined if more than one type of therapy is needed (i.e., client receives occupational therapy and speech-language therapy in same session).

We utilize all resources at the ranch to provide a complete program to meet each client's individual needs (i.e., clinical therapy room, hydrotherapy, barn therapy, garden therapy, hippotherapy, etc.).  The modality of therapy delivery will be dictated by goal requirements (i.e., child/adult may require therapy in clinical therapy room, pool and horseback to master concept of "go " across varying environments).

Integrating Therapy in a Natural Environment

We believe that using a natural environment as a therapeutic medium for speech-language pathology is more effective in achieving treatment goals.  Natural resources (i.e., agricultural, equestrian and aquatic) we provide an abundance of opportunities to build communicative intent.  Environmental resources are also intrinsically beneficial for occupational therapists and physical therapists.

See articles on therapeutic riding and hippotherapy for more information.

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