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According to the literature, the greatest challenge for therapists and clients is achieving generalization for clients. Generalization is defined as carryover of goals from the therapy room out into one’s everyday routine (i.e., student is able to follow 2-step commands in therapy room, then is able to follow 2-step command at home, “(pick up socks, put in hamper”).  Functional goals are determined through both standard and criterion based evaluative techniques to bring results.

Hippotherapy service providers are in demand as evidenced by waiting lists at every hippotherapy service site in the area

Our program quickly transforms therapy goals into proven progress.  The most important part of any therapy program is generalization.  Generalization occurs when the client has taken a skill that he or she has learned from the therapy room out into everyday life.  The therapy goal is said to be "mastered".  Many therapists have found achieving generalization for their clients a challenge (i.e., the child is charted with 90% accuracy on goal in therapy room, but then returns to waiting room and exhibits old patterns).  Our program begins in a natural environment, thus skills are generalized, and goals mastered faster!

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