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Holistic Therapy Solutions provides traditional speech-language services in a natural setting.  In addition to "traditional" therapy in our therapy room, we utilize:  

All materials in the environment to promote independent functioning:

cues in the environment (horses are under control of therapist and are used to achieve treatment outcomes)

tangible objects in the environment (i.e., grooming equipment, farm animals, etc.)

An SLP evaluates and treats the following communication disorders:

Articulation/ Phonology - The way a person's speech sounds 
Motor speech disorders- The way a person sounds
Apraxia - The way a person SP sounds
Language - Expressive - What a person says. Receptive - What a person understands. Pragmatic - Social skills (see developmental normals)

Further, behavior management programs are designed to maximize therapy time.

What is the difference between a Speech Therapist(ST)  and a Speech-Language Pathologist(SLP)?

An SLP is a highly trained specialist in communication who provides diagnostic evaluations and treatment to individuals who have been diagnosed with communication disorders.  A speech therapist has a Bachelor's degree in speech therapy and may only practice in school.  An SLP may practice privately or in a clinic, hospital, school, nursing home or rehabilitation center.  Additionally, an SLP:

possesses a masters degree in Communication Sciences & Disorders 
 may be credentialed by their national organization American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) with a Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC).  Certification is awarded to those who have passed the national exam, completed a 9 month clinical fellowship year and uphold the Code of Ethics set forth by ASHA.
CCC enables SLP's to supervise masters level students and practicioners in their Clinical Fellowship Year
An SLP must be licensed by the state in which their practicing. The state holds SLP'S to high standards of professionalism. 

What is a Graduate Student Clinician?

An SLP who is credentialed by ASHA may be supervising students who are acquiring hours to become an SLP. Some centers offer students for therapy at a lower cost. Students are still enrolled in their masters program and may be still taking classes.  Students are not paid. 

What is a CFY?

An SLP in their Clinical Fellowship Year may be compared to an intern. The SLP has already graduated and possesses a masters degree, however, must still work under the supervision of an SLP with CCC for 9 months.

At Holistic Therapy Solutions you can be sure that you are being treated by a state licensed SLP.  We do not slip in students.


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